The blog is back

No posts for several days! Sorry about that, dear readers. As mentioned previously, I was in Denver for a couple of days, Cocoa Beach for a couple of days, and on a Scout campout for a couple of days. How the time flies. It turns out there was plenty of high-speed internet service in Florida, but there was too little time. It’s always something.

Here’s a picture of Reader Number Two (he has very reflective eyes!) relaxing on one of the comfortable cots in the leader’s cabin at Camp Kirby, where Troop 262 spent the night on Friday before tackling the Klondike Derby on Saturday. Only it wasn’t too Klondikey, with temperatures in the 50’s on Saturday. Still, we did our best and had fun. Sadly, our numeric results were lower than last year’s, but you can’t win them all. We’ll get ’em next year. Maybe. Number Two looks a little nervous here because the two big guys on the upper bunk looked like they might be coming through at any moment.

Florida’s weather was nice. I stayed at the Cape Winds, which is right on the ocean. I like having an apartment there rather than just a hotel room for a long trip, so I’m willing to do without the Marriott points that would otherwise build up pretty fast during a launch campaign. I’m looking forward to my next campaign being here in the United States rather than some remote location. I don’t have to be away from home for as long as usual, and it will be almost like normal life! Restaurants! Stores! People! Streets! Ocean! Comfort! Not too shabby.

Time for bed. Bye.

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