Here’s the waterway they used to feed the waterwheel that powered the bellows at Hopewell Furnace. Pretty cool thing. And don’t readers One and Two look nice?

Busy day today. I’m trying to coordinate the signoff of one of my launch vehicle Interface Control Documents (along with about a ton and a half of other things) and I spent most of the day twisting arms on the phone, via email, and in person. I’m making progress, though. Strange as it may seem, I’m exhausted from the mental effort. I don’t want to think tonight. (Yeah, I know, why should tonight be different from any other night? Har har har.) Well, at least I’m home for almost all of the month of February. Gotta take my happiness where it presents itself.

Reader Number One and I visited the Beerys tonight. We’re ashamed because it’s the last day of the month, and we’ve promised ourselves to visit our Home Teaching families by the tenth. Our only excuse was that I was gone so much of the month and they were busy too. They’re a really nice family. Glad to know them.

Time for a bowl of ice cream, my new (old, actually, but I’ve never read it) Dave Barry book, and bed. A word about the Dave Barry book, though: it’s not nearly as good as his later work, which makes sense. It feels like he’s trying harder for laughs, and it also feels like he has a serious lack of good judgment. Still, I like Mr. Barry’s work in spite of what a dope he was as a younger man. Of course, he’s probably still a dope – he just learned not to show it in his work. That’ll have to do.

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