The pond

Here’s the (nearly) finished pond, with the pool forming an exceptionally attractive background. Not shown: three brand spankin’ new fellas! I’m finally happy again.

I’m back! There’s good news and bad news about the weekend. The good news is that we went up to girls’ camp on Friday. The bad news is that we couldn’t get the accommodations we needed to make it possible to stay, so Loyal Readers Number Four and Twelve and I came back home that night. Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two stayed up there and had a fun and productive weekend.

The rest of us, on the other hand, also had a busy, fun, productive weekend. LRN4 and I got a bunch of flat rocks and installed them around the edge of the pond. It now actually looks like a pond! We also bought three fellas and stuck ’em in there. They’re doing just fine and eating like horses. LRN4 bought some more water plants and put them in there this evening – my Father’s Day presents. That pond is really shaping up, as evidenced above.

We went to our friends the Crocketts’ house yesterday for their Big Memorial Day Pool/Barbecue party. It was fun and relaxing. They have a giant backyard by any measure, but especially huge for California. There’s a very large pool with spa, a huge pavilion, a large grass area, numerous planting beds, a trampoline, a large play yard/swing set, motorhome storage area, and many walkways connecting them all. There were probably about fifty people there and it never really seemed crowded. Except when they had about twenty people in the spa.

The Crocketts had just purchased a Costco inflatable waterslide, which looks just like the huge things you rent. It could handle even people as corpulent as me, so I climbed up there and slid down. Very amusing.

Went to the doctor’s office today. I had suffered a nasty allergy attack a couple of nights ago, and I hurt my toe at yesterday’s pool party. A very nice doctor whom I had not met before gave me some new allergy medication and said I may have broken my toe. I’m welcome to come back for an x-ray, but they won’t do anything about it anyway, so I’ll just always have to wonder whether it’s broken or not. It’s been pretty achy and numb all day today, but it could certainly have been worse. I’m going to have to stop walking back and forth to my office for just a little while, though. Fortunately, there’s the shuttle bus to fall back on.

Otherwise, the weekend was calm. How about yours?

See you tomorrow.

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