The beach yet again

Here’s yet another picture of the Big Sur beach. Lovely.

Not much going on today. I was plenty busy at work and didn’t even get half of my must-do items done. Must . . . work . . . harder . . . tomorrow. But I’m definitely going home at going-home time in any case – we’re going camping!

Well, sort of camping. We’re going to the local girls’ camp to help get it ready for the summer season. There’s a (motel-like?) lodge there, and the plan is to snag a couple of rooms. Our friends the Hepworths are going pretty early in the day and will reserve the first-come/first-served rooms for us. I suppose if they’re unsuccessful, we can always get the trailer and bring it up. The only question is how we’ll know whether they have rooms for us. I’m hoping I can convince them to go somewhere where there’s an available cell phone signal and call.

We really hope to get the rooms, as we’ll have Loyal Reader Number Twelve with us. Civilized quarters would be worthwhile. Although I’d really rather be in the trailer myself, I think.

We’re coming home on Monday morning so we can go to a Memorial Day party at another friend’s house. Sometimes it’s so exhausting to be popular.

With the campout, it’s unlikely that there will be any blogging on Friday. My Loyal Readers will just have to deal with the disappointment. You have my pity. Blogging will resume on Monday.

See you then. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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