The wind blows

Here’s possibly the last Alcatraz picture. It’s a nice view of The Rock, but it kind of looks like the people down there in the corner are starting to doubt they’ll make it alive. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One, of course.

Started my vacation today. The back is in such sad shape that I had no choice. I’ve been sitting around all day with a heating pad against my back. Sigh.

But the campout must go on! We start tomorrow. There seems to be at least an even chance that I’ll be called for jury duty tomorrow, but they told me I can just call them and get rescheduled. Must … remember … to … call.

In any case, though, there will be no posts on Thursday or Friday. We don’t think we’ll even have electricity Way Out There, let alone Wifi. My Loyal Readers will just have to manage for a couple of days. Besides, maybe I’ll finally get some new Great Art.

I have a new candidate for worst music video ever. Although that other one will be hard to beat.

And with that, have a great weekend! See you on Monday.

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