Tikal reader

Here’s LRN1 in front of the temple at Tikal, Guatemala.  He was there yesterday and, by all reports, had a great time.  I’m really glad he got to go there.  Great Art courtesy of one of his fellow missionaries and part of my famous Guatemala series.

Incredibly busy days yesterday and today.  I’ve been getting ready for an all-day meeting on Thursday.  I’ve decided to travel to our Air Force base for it, mainly to get our folks there to give me back something I loaned them for one week a year ago.  Seems like my only hope is to go get it myself.

Anyway, it’ll be incredibly busy at work tomorrow morning, after which I’m coming home and heading south.  LRN4 is coming with me.  We’ll enjoy the drive down there together, have a nice dinner, and hang out in the Embassy Suites hotel tomorrow.  Thursday, I’ll go to my meeting and LRN4 will work on her website and generally hang around.  Friday morning, we’ll go get the package and head for Sunnyvale.  I’ll drop the package off and we’ll go home.  Sounds busy.

Friday night, we’re going to a Modesto Nuts baseball game – never been, but there was a Groupon coupon and I love minor league baseball.  We’re going with our friends Art and Cathie.

Saturday evening, we’ve been invited to our friend Julie’s 50th birthday party.  We also have golf lesson number four Saturday afternoon.  That was supposed to be it, but our instructor is throwing in a fifth lesson.  No charge, I assume.  At least there better not be.

Sunday, both LRN4 and I have lessons to teach.  I’m substituting in Gospel Doctrine and she has Relief Society.  So that’ll be busy too.  Plus, we need to prepare ahead of time, of course.

Monday afternoon, we’re going over to our friends Rob and Jan’s house for a holiday picnic.  Directly after that, I take LRN4 to the airport in Stockton for her trip to Las Vegas, hopefully to buy us a vacation/retirement condo.  And I go home and sleep.

Whew.  Sounds like fun.  I had no idea we were so popular.

LRN2’s doing well in school and at work.  LRN1’s doing well on his mission.  LRN3’s doing well in Virginia.  LRN5 just got back from Las Vegas (should have bought us a condo!) and is doing well.  Everything’s good!

I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: monkey advertising executive!

See you tomorrow.

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