Tiki guy 1

As today’s title suggests, watch for Tiki guy 2 tomorrow! The Tiki guys are out in front of Ron Jon’s. Pretty cool.

It was nice to hear from Reader Number Seven in yesterday’s comments. Those ‘gators were pretty big, but I heard about somewhere I can find some bigger ones. Apparently, there’s an alligator farm (link warning – talking alligator) not far from here (it’s near Christmas, Florida – home of the world’s largest non-organic alligator) where they grow ’em really big. However, I’m not sure that really counts since they’re in captivity. Still, if I get another free day, I’ll probably go over there and take a look. And a picture or two.

Had dinner at Roberto’s again tonight, with Bill and his wife once again. Also, we had Steve and Bridget – old friends who live here in town and have been very kind to me in the past – and Craig and a guy named Bill who I hadn’t met before yesterday. It was another great meal at a wonderful restaurant with delightful company. Let’s just say I’m not exactly losing weight on this campaign.

Operations are still on schedule today. Keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. I want to go home on time! We don’t have much joint work tomorrow. The Atlas folks will prepare for transport to the launch pad and we’ll do other things. I’m going over to the pad for my familiarization walkdown. It’s the last step I have to take to renew my Cape safety badge. After that, I’ll probably spend the rest of the day working on charts for yet another management pre-launch review. Oh joy.

Nothing else to report today, so I won’t. After all, I got up, got dressed, went to work, worked, went straight to dinner, came home, talked to Reader Number Four for a long while, blogged, had a nice glass of smoothie, and went to bed (still to come, of course, but I can pretty safely predict in this area), so there’s not a lot of news. I’ll be back tomorrow. Until then, try to survive without me.

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