As promised yesterday, here’s a picture of the biggest alligator I saw on Saturday. Do you think that was worth sixteen bucks?

Saw another gator for free this afternoon, on the NASA causeway. There are a bunch of runoff ponds on either side of the road. On the way back to Astrotech from the ASOC, I noticed about a four-footer floating in one of them. Note to self: if my car breaks down on the base, don’t walk home. Call somebody.

I have to agree with Loyal Reader Number One’s comments on the obtuseness of the OCC website. Ironically, the subtext of last night’s American Chopper episode was Mikey’s new job as chief web architect for the company. They had a professional web designer do the coding, but Mikey did the redesign. I guess it just didn’t work out. As my Loyal Readers may or may not know, Mikey is widely thought to be the family member who’s a little bit short on know-how. Bluntly put, he’s an idiot. At least that’s how they treat him. Maybe it’s not really true, but it’s interesting how he acts when everybody else is giving him the usual grief. Hey – he might make an interesting case study. Maybe he acts stupid because of his environment. Maybe he would turn out to be a super-genius if only they would treat him like one. Maybe I could get together with some of my wealthy, snobbish friends and offer to take Mikey in and teach him to be a true gentleman. We could make a movie and call it “My Fair Biker.”

Or maybe he’s just stupid.

I just polished off another bottle of Smoothie. Yum. Luckily, there’s another one in the fridge.

The campaign went well today. We’re right on track for tomorrow’s operation, which is about the best we can hope for at this stage of the game. Keep watching for a launch on the twentieth!

Had dinner at Roberto’s Cuban Restaurant tonight. I got out of the office pretty late, picked up my laundry, went home and dropped it off, and then went directly to the restaurant. Still, I didn’t get out of there until just before 9:00. The food was outstanding – I had a Cuban tamale, garlic-and-lemon-encrusted shrimp, and flan – and the company turned out to be very nice. My old friend Bill Raynor and his wife were there when I arrived, just finishing up their meal. They came over and chatted with me for my entire meal, which was really nice of them. I had dinner with them last night too. Now I need to find out where they’re eating tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

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