Tokyo statues

Here’s yet another entry in my famous statue series. I found these guys in Tokyo. Frightening, no? Special lo-qual photo taken with my original lousy digital camera.

No post on Monday. Fortunately, Anon didn’t notice. No, wait. That’s unfortunate. Where are you, Anon?

Anyway. We’re back from the funeral and family visit. It was a wonderful service that was attended by many people, including about 75 family members. Morrell was a kind man who will be sorely missed.

It was great visiting with family members we haven’t seen in a long time. My brother Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Three and all his kids were there, as was Loyal Reader Number Seventeen. And a whole lot of other people.

Things were fine at home in our absence. As expected. Our hotel room was very nice, we had some good meals, and the drives in both directions were comfortable and event-free. Oh, and it was sunny and warm the whole time.

But I’m really going to miss Uncle Morrell.

I need to get ready for my Tuesday night meeting. See you tomorrow.

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