Here’s a trail at Big Sur. This is another in my famous “looks like the camera wasn’t straight” series. I can assure you, however, that it was perfectly straight. It’s just a really crooked trail.

New Moe lives! We got FrankenMoe’s motherboard transplanted into Moe’s case tonight, as planned, and it’s working great! I had a little trouble getting the 100GB and 200Gb drives working – I believe it was caused by a marginal power connector on either the power supply side or the disk side of the 100GB. Fiddled with it enough to make it work, though. Hooray! It’s now running at a speedy 1600 MHz, as opposed to its former speed of 450 MHz. Big difference.

And that’s basically all I accomplished this evening. Had an hour-long meeting with my successor as Ward Mission Leader – training time. Also ate dinner.

I picked up the Honda early this morning. The new oil seems fine. No other changes.

One of my colleagues told me he purchased three working handheld GPS units at a garage sale this weekend for $5 each. I told him if he sees any more of them to get one for me. He said I can have one of the three and is planning to bring it to work tomorrow. I’m excited to get it. It doesn’t do fancy car navigation and that kind of stuff – it’s just a handheld unit, which is exactly what I want to try out geocaching. Maybe at our next campout!

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.

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