Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two walking down a hiking trail at last month’s campout. All that beautiful green undergrowth doesn’t look very California-y, does it? At least not like the California mountains. See if you can detect any Leaves of Three in there. They were certainly abundant. I’ve never been more motivated to stay on the trail.

Oh, dear. Loyal Reader Number One finally has his own server (see yesterday’s comments). Even if it’s just Old Moe‘s motherboard and has only 20GB of hard drive space, it’s still a server. The world will never be the same. Of course, he has always had unrestricted access to Larry, but that’s completely different.

Nothing else to report today. I’ve been exhausted all day and need to get up early tomorrow so I can go to the Girls’ Camp prep campout with Loyal Reader Number Four, so I’m off to bed.

Oh, I got the GPS today. It’s cool. As mentioned earlier, I wasn’t looking for a GPS system with a bunch of maps and driving directions (although I have certainly considered such a thing…). All I wanted was something that would give me my current location and help me get where I wanted to go. This does that very well, and the five buck price was right. Cheap as free.

No bloggage tomorrow. I’ll be at girls’ camp. I’ll try to use the Wonders of Blogger on Saturday. Survive without me for a day, if possible.

Off to bed. See you tomorrow.

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