Here’s another in my famous statue series. This one, like so many others, is in Pisa. Cute little guys, no?

No time tonight for much blogging. I stayed an hour and a half late at work and the evening is just gone. On the other hand, I really didn’t get home any later than I would have otherwise – I got two email messages before I left the office telling me the last two trains were seriously delayed by a broken down freight train. Again. I saw what I believe was the second train coming into Lardville just as I was about to get off the freeway, and the third one (my usual train) seems to have arrived shortly afterward. Monday evenings have not been good for the ACE people.

Why did I stay late at work? Other than the fact that I have way too many things piled up, that is? Well, I was coding. That’s right, actually coding for money, just like I used to do. I think I haven’t coded at work since at least 1998. I really enjoyed it. I only added about six or eight lines of code to a Perl script, but it took a little effort because I had to study the tool, which had been written three years ago by somebody who is no longer working there and I had to learn enough Perl to get it done. It works!

The weekend campout went just fine. I got home in plenty of time to pick up the trailer and get set up long before dark. I built a nice campfire, took care of the charcoal for the Dutch ovens (delicious chocolate pudding cake – need to keep that recipe), and relaxed a little while the Young Women did their planning for next year’s Girls’ Camp. In the morning, I made myself slightly useful taking down a few tents and cleaning up and managed to sneak in a little more relaxation. Everything considered, it was a pleasant evening and morning.

Let’s see, what else did I accomplish this weekend? Not much that I can recall. I didn’t even use the Wonders of Blogger on Saturday, as sort of promised. Need to do better next week at making a list and checking it three times. Heaven knows there’s plenty to do. Even if it’s no more than getting a car washed and waxed.

The Weather Channel tells us it’s going to be over 100 degrees in Lardville on at least Thursday of this week, with temperatures well into the 90s before and after. Yikes. Maybe the pool will be warm enough to swim in by the weekend.

I was delighted to receive a comment from Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Two on Thursday’s post. Sadly, I have to answer that the new GPS doesn’t plug into a computer. It has only one connector, which is for an external antenna. We’re talking basic, mil-spec unit here. However, I have to agree with LRN22 that it would be cool to have one that did that.

Still hope to find my first geocache sometime this week. Friday seems like a likely candidate.

I followed a link to an interest website today – Clutterers Anonymous. I’ve been trying to figure out ever since whether this is a serious website or a joke. Any opinions from listeners? I could certainly use some help reducing a little clutter in my world. I guess I should really surrender to my Greater Power in that regard.

Here’s another interesting website I found today. How to go about making a movie, and not just how to point the camera. As with most things, the mundane aspects of the job consume most of the time and energy. Kind of like blogging, no? The site hosting this tutorial seems pretty interesting itself. Lots of classes.

I found those websites when I was digging around on Lifehacker. It’s a pretty cool site dedicated to personal productivity. It’s normally a beautiful-looking site too, but it appears right now as if their CSS files have disappeared. I hope they’re not another victim of the Chinese hackers.

Speaking of productivity sites, I also like 43 Folders. Highly recommended for people who want to get things done. Also for people who like Macs – that’s where I found Quicksilver.

Anyway. Time for bed. Remind me to mention a few new podcasts tomorrow. See you then.

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