Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two striking a pose beside an ex-plaque. I wonder what they were previously commemorating. It must have been pretty good for somebody to grab it.

Greetings from the train. I’m counting on it being right on time after last night’s debacle repeat. Tried connecting to the wireless without success. The network seems to be here, but I can’t get a good connection to the router, and then it’s definitely not clear whether the router has a connection to the Intertubes. Sigh.

Pretty day here in the Bay Area. It’s sunny and warm without being hot. As opposed to a couple of days from today. When it will be both sunny and hot. Although I’m not complaining.

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve downloaded a few new podcasts. My very extra-special favorite new one is Chris on Camera. It’s done by a British publication called Autocar. It features a very personable, interesting guy named Chris who shows a different interesting car each time, talks about it in some depth, and then drives it fast. Sometimes he’s actually on a racetrack, other times he appears to just be on back roads. The perspective on the cars is excellent, the host is interesting and obviously enjoying himself, and the podcast is highly recommended.

Of course, it’s a video podcast, which is exactly what I wasn’t looking for. I’m quite short on audio podcasts these days. As mentioned before, I’ve gotten very sick of Leo Laporte‘s podcasts, except for the always-excellent Security Now and the quickly-becoming-tiresome Munchcast. Other podcasts just don’t seem to be updated anymore. Anyway, I got onto iTunes to look for more. Actually found a couple:

BYU Kennedy Center Lectures – talks on foreign affairs by invited speakers.

New BYU Speeches – replaces my old BYU Speeches podcast, which appears to have petered out – BYU has a strange habit of suddenly changing its podcast links, which seems to me to be murder on downloads. Anyway, it features recent Devotional and Forum speeches – always excellent.

PodCacher – A podcast on Geocaching, which I had tried before and dropped. I’m thinking I might like it now that I can actually do geocaching. This one is on probation, though.

The MacObserver’s Mac Geek Gab – Yet another Mac show, several of which I’ve tried and rejected. This one is definitely on double-secret probation – it needs to be really good to stay on the iPod.

Anyway. I haven’t yet listened to any of the audio podcasts, so the only one I can really vouch for so far is New BYU Speeches. Updates as events warrant.

I saw yet another version of the worst music video ever. Judge for yourselves, Loyal Readers.

Time to go. See you tomorrow.

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