Sunnyvale sunset

Here’s the view in front of my office building on the evening of the 14th. Photo courtesy of the low-fi RAZR-cam. It was about 8:30 PM when I finally left the building – there was just way too much to do that day.

Which explains why there was no post. I got home a little before 10:00, ate some cereal, and went to bed. Sorry about that.

Wonders of Blogger today. Sorry again. It was Loyal Reader Number One’s high school graduation on Thursday night! I decided to attend rather than blog. Not a regrettable decision. But I certainly do feel for my lonesome Loyal Readers.

Anyway. Back on track today.

The graduation was nice. Many (well, really most) of the parents and family members were loud and obnoxious and a few (well, really most) of the graduates were tasteless and silly, but that’s how high school graduations are supposed to be, no? LRN1’s speech was very nice and well presented and there was one young man who performed with his brother and somebody else (cousin?). He played the guitar and they fiddled. They were really excellent.

They read a 2-3 sentence statement from each graduate telling what their immediate plans are. Out of about 150 kids, there must have been fifty girls who plan to become cosmetologists. That is not a small number. That is a big number.

Home from work Friday. More bloggage this evening. See you then.

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