Tree tunnel

Here’s LRN2 standing in a tunnel.  Through a tree.  Odd, that.  This particular tree tunnel is in Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  Apparently, the folks who owned the place long before it became a state park got a bit worried when the good people at Yosemite got a tree tunnel of their own.  So they made this one.  You used to be able to drive your Model T through it.  Sadly, I didn’t have a Model T, so I wasn’t able to find out if it’s still okay.  Part of my famous Camping series.

No post yesterday.  I had a church meeting and then got busy.  Sorry about that, Loyal Readers.

Greetings from Palmdale!  We had a good trip down here today.  Left a day early for the vacation.  I needed to deliver an instrument on loan to our folks at the base down here, so I opted to courier it myself.  So my job today was taking the package here.  Got the company squared away and us halfway to the Grand Canyon.  Now we have a six-hour drive tomorrow, rather than the 12 hours we were expecting.  Still have to do twelve hours on Sunday, but some things can’t be helped.

We visited the base museum this afternoon.  Saw a bunch of airplanes and other cool stuff.  They have an SR-71 outside.  Also a B-52.  And an A-10 and an F-4 and a bunch of other planes.  Also an F-22, inside the museum’s hangar.  Looks pretty cool.

Then we checked into the Embassy Suites, where I stayed the last time I was here.  It’s nice and new and very pleasant.  Then we had dinner at Outback, where we all came away totally stuffed.  I’m just now beginning to not feel bloated.  It’s so hard to eat well on the road.

Anyway.  It’s pretty much time for bed, so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: yet another burrito attack!  This one hits a bit too close to home.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Who on earth thought to see if monkeys were afraid of flying squirrels?! I’m surprised the research wasn’t funded by a US grant!!

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