White clothes

Here are LRN1 and his companion in front of the local chapel with a father and his daughter who were being baptized last Saturday. How exciting! LRN1 is the tall one there in the back. Duh. LRN1 baptized the dad. It’s his first!  Looks to me like a good man.  LRN1 says he is.

But what’s up with the kid with the two hats flashing gang sign?  At a baptism?  Must be a good boy’s gang.  Love the flip-flops, LRN1.  I guess it beats getting athlete’s foot or jungle fever or whatever you get from running around barefoot down there.

Anyway, congratulations to LRN1 and his companion.  But most importantly, welcome to our new Guatemalan brother and sister in the Gospel.  No more strangers and foreigners, etc.

Greetings from the train. I’m trying out the WordPress iPhone app. We’ll see if it works.

My. It’s been a few days since I last wrote. Had a busy weekend, if not exactly the way I had envisioned it beforehand. Spent most of Friday cleaning out the pantry with LRN4. We had a moth infestation (for the second or third time) and went through everything. I hope we got ’em all this time. We threw away a ton of contaminated food. Disgusting. I really mean it.

Spent a lot of Saturday working on computers. Larry, my upstairs media center and household media server, had its Windows installation crap out. I tried everything to fix it, sadly without success. So I pulled off all its files (took about 24 hours), reformatted its hard drives, and installed Linux. It’s now in my office serving as the media file server and a nice development machine for me. I moved Cooper, my old G4 Mac Mini into the loft to assume Larry’s media center duties. It does everything well, except that Netflix won’t run on a G4 machine. So I ordered a Roku box for it today. It shipped already, so it just might get here before our vacation starts on Wednesday. Also ordered a Front Row remote for it on Thursday or Friday, since G4 Minis don’t have an infrared receiver of their own. It’s a pretty nice setup at this point.

Took a lot of time and work, though, so I didn’t get much else done over the weekend. Had fun, though.

I have a piece of equipment that needs to be couriered down to our airplane this week, so I’ve volunteered to take it down on Wednesday. That’s good for the program and good for us, since it leaves us only about six hours away from our Thursday vacation destination. Makes Thursday’s travel time much easier to do and makes Wednesday evening some vacation time as well. Looking forward to it.

That’s right, this week is Grand Canyon week! We’ll be spending our first and third nights in Williams, Arizona and our second night in the National Park. Taking a two-hour train trip each way which, as I sit on my three-hours-a-day train ride, makes it seem like a bit of a busman’s holiday for me. But I love trains, so it’s not a problem. I’m looking forward to an entertaining ride.

Nothing much else going on, so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: pork rind attack!

See you tomorrow.

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