Tree walkers

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Four with some of her friends, who are walking on a tree that was cut down over a hundred year ago. I see Loyal Reader Number Two back there, and Loyal Reader Number One way back there in the background. Other tree walkers are members of the Crockett family, with whom we went camping. Love those pretty gold dogwoods.

On the train today, and don’t ask me whether I’m happy about it. Okay, do ask me. I’m not happy at all, and it’s my own fault. I was planning on taking the 4:00 bus, getting me home at 6:30. I had somebody in my office, though, and got out late, so I missed the bus. I went over to the light rail in the vain hope that it could get me to the train station on time. Barely missed the 4:16 train, and the 4:31 train didn’t get there until 4:39. I missed the ACE train. The good news, though, is that I was first in line for the late one! Sigh. At least it’s not crowded, probably because everybody else had the good sense to go home earlier. Double sigh.

However, the Thanksgiving weekend has begun! All is right with the world.

LRN4 and I are planning to venture out early on Friday morning for some Black Friday shopping. In fact, we hope to get all our Christmas shopping done in a single day. In a single morning, in fact. We’ll see. We need to decide which store to hit first and whether to divide and conquer. I don’t really have my eye on any big-ticket items, so it’s not clear at all where we should go. I need to check out the Black Friday website when I get home.

I just got a call from LRN1. He’s been accepted into BYU! Congratulations, LRN1. Now let’s see how much scholarship money you can snag. Not to mention housing.

Well. There’s certainly been an excellent response on my sneezing question. Based on the entirely random sample we’ve taken, I think we can safely say that 100% of the population uses the sun (or a bright light) to at least aid a balky sneeze. So much for calling it a genetic disorder.

I have nothing to say tonight, so I’ll end. Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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