Here’s Batgirl early in life. Or maybe that’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five.

Left the office at a few minutes after 3:00 this afternoon. There was plenty of time, so I decided to take the back roads, which I haven’t done in quite a while. Big mistake. There was a multi-car accident on one of those back roads and traffic was backed up quite a ways. It didn’t look like anybody got hurt, fortunately, but one car flew off the road into a vineyard. On top of that, there was the usual slowpoke blocking traffic all the way through the twisty bits.

At least the Miata was in top form. It ran perfectly all day – both warm and cold. I think the new catalyst really healed it. Great!

I don’t think I mentioned yesterday that the fishy thing is that the owner before me left a receipt for a new catalytic converter about six months before I got the car. It’s obvious that all they did was take the old one off and turn it around (poorly). I don’t know whether the shop defrauded the previous owner or whether they colluded to fraudently pass the emissions test. Either way, it’s a nasty business.

Chatted with Loyal Reader Number Three this evening. He’s had a bad cold for quite a while now, but he’s feeling well enough to travel to Las Vegas tomorrow. Good luck, LRN3! And Loyal Reader Number Fifteen too!

I got some good responses on the sun sneezing (link note: I resent the suggestion that it’s a “genetic disorder!” It’s more of a “feature.”) question, but I’m still looking for more inputs. We need to get some statistically significant figures. Loyal Readers?

I’m on the train tomorrow. See you then.

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