There’s the little twerp now. It’s great to have her here again. Also Loyal Reader Number Five, courtesy of whom this photo comes to us.

I’ve been working on Delta 3D again and have decided it can’t be installed on 64-bit Linux. An exhaustive web search has confirmed this. Not good. So, I’ve definitely decided to install 32-bit Linux on Larry over the weekend. Morrowlife may be down for a few hours, but my Loyal Readers will survive, I suspect. Reconfiguring everything will probably be extremely ugly. But it must be done.

In the meantime, I’ve started trying to install Delta 3D on Curly, my Mac. It’s not easy either. So far, I have one or two of the dependencies installed, and it’s clear that each and every one will be a major pain. Need to figure it out, though.

– A few minutes later –

No I can’t. I can’t get anything to work. Curses! I’m trying again on Larry. This time, I’ve downloaded all the dependencies from the Delta 3D site. If this doesn’t work, it’s 32-bit on Saturday. In the meantime, Loyal Reader Number One is installing the Windows version on Loyal Reader Number Two’s machine. Stupid Delta 3D.

Maybe I’m not really meant to develop video games after all. But I think I am. Not to mention useful homeschooler applications.

Otherwise, nothing much new. I switched cars with Loyal Reader Number Four again. I’ve been driving to work much more often because I need to stay late, and I just can’t afford to put the miles on the Honda. Plus, the Miata is still overheating. Need to get that fixed. Soon.

Time for bed already. See you tomorrow.

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