Water carrier

Here’s Liberace’s water carrying statue. It didn’t appear to have any actual water in it, sadly. Part of my famous Statue series.

We’re back! Had a nice week, although it rained steadily from late Monday night until the time we left, with brief periods of mere cloudiness. Oh, and it never got out of the 40’s during the day. We decided to come home a day early.

It wasn’t all bad, though. The trailer was comfortable and we spent the time reading and playing games. I read five books I had borrowed from the library last Saturday and enjoyed them greatly. Also took afternoon naps. So it truly wasn’t all bad.

Also, Monday was sunny and very nice. We did a little exploring, including taking an interesting nature hike that included the ruins of the Henry Miller house – a rich guy who owned the place and built a mansion with spectacular grounds on top of the mountain as a summer home. There’s nothing left but some stairs, a wall, some foundations, and the basin of a fountain. Plus some old plants that have spread out some. It’s a shame – they appear to have torn the whole place down and sold it for scrap after he died. What were they thinking?

Also did some geocaching. We found five caches and had a nice time looking for them in some pretty locations. There are a bunch of giant redwoods in the park, which we wouldn’t have seen if we hadn’t gone looking for caches.

Trip Great Art is coming soon.

That’s about it. All’s well here at home and things are getting back to normal. Thanks to Loyal Reader Number One for making a couple of comments.

It looks like there was a little food violence during our absence. I’m not sure, but I think this can be categorized as food violence too. Be careful out there.

See you Monday.

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