Nervous reader

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Three at the Wedding of the Century, looking just a little nervous. Maybe he didn’t want to be recognized.

Back to work. I’m sleepy – should have gotten to bed earlier. Probably won’t tonight either, and tomorrow’s Massive Meeting Tuesday, so I’ll be turning in late again. Sigh.

Things at work were about the way I left them, which is fine. At least they missed me. Sort of.

The weekend was nice – warm and sunny. Loyal Reader Number Two and I got a few things done on Saturday – cleaned the pool filters and washed the Miata, chiefly. He went over to a friend’s house on Friday afternoon, so Loyal Reader Number Four and I went out for Chinese dinner, which was enjoyable. Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve came over for the weekend mid-day on Saturday. We did the Easter things together and had a very nice time. Jacuzzified on Saturday evening, which we don’t do often enough.

So it was just a normal, pleasant weekend. No complaints.

We have some highly important toilet news: They’re finally reaching potty parity in New York. The huddled masses are finally breathing free.

See you tomorrow.

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