Here are the Henry Miller ruins at Mt. Madonna. Part of my famous Camping series.

Happy income tax day! I trust my Loyal Readers have safely and prudently filed their tax returns and received their hard-earned pittance back. I certainly have.

No post yesterday. It was Massive Meeting Tuesday, and then I spent some time on the phone with LRN1, working with him on his generous tax refund. My Loyal Readers have my pity for their Morrowlife withdrawal symptoms.

Beatiful, sunny day today. Although the wind remained as a strong holdover from yesterday. We’re expecting Downright Hot Weather over the weekend. Looking forward to it.

Situation otherwise normal. I’ve been spending lots of time working on the Household Video System. Downloaded the latest general conference, which now comes in beautiful hi-def format. Truly a joy to watch.

Also received the new remote control for the downstairs TV, which I believes completes the current phase of the infrastructure buildout. I hope to find the time to install the remote tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. Or maybe Friday. No later than Friday. Definitely.

Let’s see if there’s any Food Violence news today: Indeed there is. I can think of better things to fight over. Spam, certainly. Maybe even corned beef hash. But pork and beans? I think not.

Not to mention this. Now that’s just wrong.

See you tomorrow.

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