Wet dog

Poor Belle. Not only does she have to look miserable in the tub, but she’s permanently ineligible for Loyal Reader status. She is a sad, strange little dog. She has my pity.

Loyal Reader Number Four has an appointment at noon o’clock tomorrow to pick up the house keys, do the final walkthrough, and learn how to work the alarm. I borrowed some moving boxes from work today and she’s filling them up tonight. Also baking some good-smelling cookies. I plan to try a couple of them shortly. Maybe some cookies & cream ice cream too, if there’s any left. Life is good.

We’re watching HGTV tonight, as usual. It’s “I Want That” Wednesday, which is entertaining. They’re currently showing us Futuristic Bathrooms. I’ve never really felt like I wanted a Futuristic Bathroom, but there are a few interesting things there, like heated stone flooring. The last show, though, had some really cool stuff. My favorite was the Aqua Skipper. Other than the hard work it obviously takes to make it go, it looks like a lot of fun. Sadly, I don’t like it quite enough to spend five hundred simoleons for it. Maybe I can get Loyal Reader Number Five to talk her in-laws into buying one. Then I can visit and try it out. Great idea.

Speaking of bathrooms, did I mention that the Secret Undisclosed Location has one of those jacuzzi bathtubs? Well, it does. Of course, we wouldn’t have bought it if we had the choice, but it was already in, so it’s ours. We watched it work the other day when we went out there for our walkthrough and it actually looks pretty cool. Even LRN4 thinks she may try it out. This may turn out to be like so many other features from past houses that we would never have bought on our own but we were really glad to have. I’m thinking hot tub (liked both of them so much we’re paying a bunch of money for one this time), koi pond (I want another!), and our first shed in Colorado. Maybe we’ll end up taking jacuzzi baths every day. Who knows? Of course, it does seem a little extravagant to have jazuzzis both inside and out, but it really isn’t. It’s actually a bare minimum requirement for an inhabitable home. I don’t know how we’ve done without it before now.

No sale on the old house yet. Pray, Loyal Readers. Pray like the wind!

Gotta get to bed. See you tomorrow.

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