Casey Jones

Here’s railroading at its finest. As you’ve probably guessed, this is yet another picture of the Los Gatos miniature train we rode a few weeks back. Looks like fun driving that thing.

Worked twelve hours again today. I’ve already finished all my required hours for the week, and that’s without working on Monday. At least I didn’t have to take any vacation.

Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four went to Lardville today and picked up the keys to the Secret Undisclosed Location! The deal is done. The diggers show up tomorrow to make a hole for the pool (and rip up the lawn, of course, which they are contractually obligated to repair). LRN1, LRN2, and LRN4 are going back tomorrow to work on painting the living and dining rooms. Their first attempt in that direction didn’t go well today due to a slightly off-nominal paint color. They’re hoping for better results tomorrow. So am I.

Short post today. See you tomorrow.

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