Here’s yet another example of Loyal Reader Number Two’s Great Works of Art. Photography courtest of LRN2. Massive file massaging by The Gimp and me. The subject, of course, is LRN2’s former educational colleague Zak. I’m not exactly sure what that thing on the wall is but it looks really cool. I want one.

I’m on vacation for the next two weeks! Call it a working vacation if you must, but it’s still a vacation. I’ll take whatever I can get. We’re moving essentially the rest of our stuff to the Secret Undisclosed location tomorrow. We still have to sleep here tomorrow night, so the logistics aren’t really simple. We have to move the right things to the house tomorrow, pack what we need for the camping trip, and have just enough stuff here for a couple of meals and a shower until Sunday morning. We’ll figure it out.

I had to give The Romance of Engines back to the library this afternoon. I didn’t finish it, but I certainly enjoyed it in a slightly weird way. The writing wasn’t all that great, many of the illustrations were strange, and the author had a hard time both staying on subject and getting around to the point. But I really enjoyed it. What can I say? I love engines. I want a collection of my own. Maybe I could keep it right in our front room window! Anyway, the book is unconditionally recommended for Loyal Readers who like that sort of thing.

The bishop wants to see me on Sunday before church. I wonder what I’ll be doing.

Well, it’s time to finish planning the camping trip, so I’m off. As my Loyal Readers know very well by now, this is the last post for a couple of weeks. I’ll put the Comment Fodder up over the weekend and hope to at least get a post or two. Have a great Morrowlife vacation.

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