White house

Here’s an old white house. But not just any old white house. No sir. It’s the old white house at, umm, I think it’s the old white house at Hopewell Furnace. I think. Maybe. Does anybody else remember it?

No post yesterday. I went swimming instead. And I’m not sorry. I went swimming again tonight too. But there’s a post today anyway – must show a modicum of concern for the Loyal Readers.

It’s been really hot the last few days – in the 100’s here in Lardville and the mid-80’s in Sunnyvale, and it’s only getting down to the 70’s at night here, which is quite unusual. The good – the pool water is nice and warm. The bad – they’ve turned off the air conditioning at work all afternoon the last three days and they’re doing it again tomorrow. We have some kind of energy-saving deal with the power company, apparently. It’s uncomfortably warm all day. However, to ease the pain a little, they gave us all ice cream this afternoon.

What suckers we are – they broil us alive and we’re okay with it because we get a free 20-cent ice cream.

Which brings me to another point. It occurred to me today that our management has been saying for years that engineers are motivated by challenging work, not by money. However, they also say we need to pay large fortunes to top managers in order to attract them and keep them motivated. Apparently, then, managers are motivated by money, while engineers are motivated solely by a challenge. So what motivates me, as an engineering manager? I’m going with money. Challenging amounts of money. Yeah, that’s it. I can feel the love already.

Little to no progress on the company. I did check last night and found out my web hosting provider doesn’t offer Ruby on Rails, which is an essential component of WaterLogger. I guess it has to go to Larry. That’s not a permanent solution, though, since Larry is really on a residential connection that won’t tolerate much bandwidth. I see two options:

1) Get a commercial line brought into the house. The price might be high (even prohibitively high – I have no idea), but the strength is that I can do what I want with my server

B) Get different hosting for WaterLogger

Need to decide fairly soon, but in the meantime, it’s going on Larry and we’re finding some Beta (or probably Alpha, to be more accurate) testers. Really.

And I need to get to bed. See you tomorrow.

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