Loyal Reader’s flowers

Is this the flower picture Loyal Reader Number Five wants me to post? I have no idea, although I know the picture came from her. Thanks, LRN5, and let me know if I got the right picture. It was definitely in my Blog Fodder folder, as she suggested.

Anyway. Hot day today. It’s almost 8:00 in the evening and it’s still 96 degrees out. That’s just not right. Fortunately, it’s also not usual around here. I checked the ten-day forecast, and it should be back into the low sixties at night within a couple of days. In the meantime, the scorching weather is at least keeping the pool warm (link question: given how deep the water is where those people in the background are standing, what are the chances this girl is just standing on a surfboard that’s lying on the sand?). I just checked, and the water temperature is 85. Not bad.

Nothing much else to report. LRN5 has been interviewing most of the day, so Loyal Reader Number 12 has been here with the family. LRN5’s still not home yet, and I don’t think we expect to see her for a couple more hours. Long day for everybody concerned.

Time to do other things. See you tomorrow.

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