You are the cheesemaker

Here’s LRN2 learning how to make cheese. Picture taken during the (duh) cheese factory tour.

Happy birthday to my brother Chris! he and his SO were at our house yesterday. It was nice to see him again and meet her and her two kids. It was a very pleasant day.

Warm weekend. Downright hot yesterday and again today. The pool was marginally warm yesterday – enough so that the kids went swimming while the adults enjoyed sitting in the shade and talking for quite a while. Very relaxing day.

Saturday was nice too. LRN2 and I cleaned the pond filter and washed and waxed my Honda, which now looks wonderful. We also went for a couple of rides in the newly-shocked and -tired Suburban – it really rides nicely now. Huge difference. You really don’t notice how bad things have gotten until you get them fixed.

Normal day at work. A little bit of work and a lot of meetings. Even more meetings (and even less work, probably) tomorrow.

LRN1’s still working on his summer work decision. He has a pretty good offer (at least financially) in Salt Lake, but I don’t think he wants to be there all summer. the job would also require him to coop there during the school year, which would be a little bit difficult. On the upside, he would be making pretty good money for a student and would be definitely working professionally.

He owes them a decision tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

He’ll be home tomorrow, in any case.

There’s toilet news today! Warn your children.

See you tomorrow.

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