Swinging readers

Here are LRN2 and LRN4 and a few of their new friends about to be swung to nausea-inducing levels. I didn’t ride. I took pictures. They seemed to enjoy it, though. Strange. Picture taken at Great America.

Well. Busy day. Got the shocks for the ‘Burb. I checked into exact replacements for the Bilsteins that were on there from the factory and they were either extremely expensive or mail order only. I ended up getting a set of KYBs. Behold . . . the MonoMax:

What a thing of beauty. Hopefully, it will keep the new tires from rapid degradation, like the previous set. Speaking of which, I got new tires too. They’re Michelins and seem like they’ll be really good too.

Anyway. Also worked a few hours and spent some time preparing my talk. Still need to wash a car, clean the pond filter, and whatever else was on my list yesterday. I’ll figure it out.

Congrats to LRN1 for his job offer! We were pretty sure it was coming, but it’s nice to actually have it in hand. I hope he at least hears back from the Apple guy so he can make an informed decision.

Of course, he may want to consider this opportunity instead. That’s way better than Monkey Man.

No toilet news, no food violence news. The world is safe. See you Monday.

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