Zero gravity

Here’s your humble blogmaster caught by surprise in Zero G. Lo-fi picture courtesy of the Chabot Space and Science Center. Of course, we expect lo-fi photography when the picture has to be beamed back from low-earth orbit.

Happy end of the Thanksgiving weekend! I trust my Loyal Readers all had a peaceful, relaxing time. We did. The campout went well. We had cool, cloudy weather on Thursday and Friday, and it got sunny and nice just in time for us to leave on Saturday. But we weren’t there for the weather. We went to the Science Center and observatory on Friday and had a nice time there. It’s the kind of museum you enjoy visiting once but probably don’t return to. Except for the free observatory evenings and the planetarium shows, neither of which were available to us when we were there. So we might go back after all.

Anyway. We brought the rocket launcher. We took a slightly larger bottle, added fins and a nosecone, set the thing up, pressurized the bottle, pulled the pin, and . . . nothing. It wouldn’t go. Sigh. Apparently, not all bottles’ necks are created equal, and this one appears to be just a little bit too tight of a fit on the launcher. I have several slightly smaller o-rings, which might be all we need, so we’ll keep trying. Oh, and I also bent the pump on the uneven ground there. Might have to replace it.

I’ve begun to wonder whether I’ll ever get that stupid launcher working.

No toilet news today. Very puzzling.

I’ve been asked to provide a Christmas wish list. I’m really scratching my head over that one. I pretty much buy myself everything I want. Still, I’m sure I’ll come up with something. In meantime, here’s some stuff to consider. And absolutely anything from ThinkGeek will work. Especially the fish training kit.

Well, the Christmas season is all planned out. We started the season with the stake Christmas music spectacular last night. Loyal Reader Number Two and I were half of a quartet. It went fine. The other music was good too.

It’s already way late. See you tomorrow.

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