Here’s definitely the last of the playground pictures. But she’s so cute, the Great Art is easy. If I feature any more, I’ll have to make them part of a famous Series. Soft-focus picture courtesy of the famous Treo-cam.

The real puzzle is why I’m not getting any comments from Loyal Reader Number Sixteen. She used to be a sucker for Loyal Reader Number Twelve. Must not be reading too loyally right now.

Long post yesterday, short post today. And no posts on Thursday or Friday – we’ll have no connection.

Not my favorite day – I had a large conflict with one of my former subordinates, which I hate. Sigh.

Otherwise fine. No rain today, but we’re expecting it tonight and tomorrow. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday look fine, so the campout isn’t immediately endangered.

Lots still to do to get ready for the trip. I’ll make a list early tomorrow morning and start working it off.

Nice to see a few updates on Loyal Reader Number One’s blog. I’m interested in trying some of that cookies and cream milk. Sounds delicious.

See you tomorrow.

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