Heading down

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve going down the slide. Yes, I know I said I was through with that topic. But it was so much fun. And she’s so cute. And I don’t feel like looking for another picture. Picture courtesy of the exclusive Treo-cam.

Ouch! My aching back! I have a sore muscle on the left side of my lower back. It’s been there for weeks and doesn’t show any signs of getting better yet. I think I need to lie in bed for a day or two. Or maybe I could lie in my hammock at this week’s campout.

Speaking of which, we still don’t have the trailer back. We went over on Saturday, as predicted. We were disappointed to learn that it wasn’t ready. We gave them a few words of encouragement and went home to wait. They never called. Loyal Reader Number Four reports that she called and found out it’s done now. We’ll go get it on Wednesday. Hopefully, they balance out their pokey pace with excellent work.

The Truly Great News of the weekend is that the rocket launcher is working!! Double exclamation mark!! Loyal Reader Number Two and I did a bunch of experimenting and finally came up with setting the table saw to cut a groove in a tube for the o-ring. We got the exact right depth, making it easy to put the rocket on the launcher while ensuring a perfect seal. We’re planning to take the launcher and a bunch of supplies camping with us so we can work on some designs.

Let’s see, did anything else get done? Oh yeah, we put down some badly-needed weed killer on the lawn. Ummm . . . Went over to the home of our friends Jim and Kathy for dinner and games Saturday night.

I taught the lesson in Priesthood on Sunday. Thought it went well. At least there was some good discussion.

The Gardenville software website and email service are back! Stupid Vizaweb.

We’re going out to dinner again tonight, this time to a good Chinese restaurant with our friends Bill and Carol. He’s our home teacher and one of my valued associates in the Group Leadership. Looking forward to it.

I tried for the second time to read a book on the history of the California state parks. I bought it several months ago at a library book sale. Can’t recall the title right now. Also can’t recommend it. I consider myself to be a state park lover and a big history fan, so it would take quite a lot to produce a history of state parks I didn’t like. This author succeeded. The book is jam-packed with irrelevant, uninteresting facts in three columns per page of tiny print with small, sparse photographs. Every conceivable name and date is included. Sadly, in order to fit in all those facts, the author had to leave out the story. I threw the book away.

Loyal Reader Number One reports that he’s delighted with his new job. Good to hear.

More good news! I just checked and found out the Morrowlife financial juggernaut has made $11.04! Interestingly, once you get above ten bucks you have to verify your address and phone number. I verified the phone number tonight and will verify the address as soon as the letter they sent me comes. Less than ninety dollars to go before I get my first check. I wonder what I’ll spend the money on.

Anyway. Time for other things. See you tomorrow.

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