Zoo birds

Here’s a little flock of birds at the Detroit Zoo. I think these guys were there voluntarily. Part of my famous Bird series.

Wonders of Blogger. I sat down to write Friday night and immediately fell asleep. Must have been tired. I woke back up just long enough to walk upstairs and get in bed.

The Fourth was pleasant. We had several friends over. We swam, jacuzzified, played croquet, ate hamburgers and associated goodies, and visited. Also watched the local fireworks. They were nice, with one oddity.

We walked out to the entrance to our neighborhood and discovered half of Lardville over there waiting for the fireworks. We arrived at about 9:10, expecting the fireworks to start at 9:30. It turns out they started at 10:00 instead. After going for just a couple of minutes, they stopped. Don’t know why. About five minutes later, half of the crowd got back in their cars and left. Immediately thereafter, the fireworks resumed. We thought it unfortunate that all those people came here and waited over an hour for two minutes’ worth of fireworks. They missed the best part, too. Including the smiley face. Wow.

Anyway. Several things on the agenda for today. I’m planning to wash the Miata, possibly get the Suburban washed (commercially, of course – it’s just too darned big to wash myself), look at a model home with Loyal Reader Number Four, maybe play a little more croquet with the family, swim, and who knows what else.

Have a great rest of the holiday weekend. See you on Monday.

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