Here’s a pack of pretty scary-looking tigers. Photo taken in the gift shop at the Detroit Zoo.

The work week’s over! It was a busy one. I’m looking forward to the three-day weekend. Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve are already here, and we’re having more friends over tomorrow afternoon.

No specific weekend plans yet. The Loyal Readers already did a marvelous job cleaning up the garage. Loyal Reader Number Four is buying a new freezer and needed a space for it. The freezer is arriving on Monday. The biggest problem they had was the mountain of shoes outside the door. They creatively came up with the idea of building a little shelf, which looks great and really helped straighten up the mess. Congrats and thanks, Loyal Readers! I’ll think of some more projects tomorrow.

No controversy today. I’ll come up with something really controversial tomorrow. For now, it’s already late and I need to get to bed. There’ll be plenty of time for blogging tomorrow. In the meantime, have a great Fourth, and be careful (link warning – fireworks noise) out there.

See you tomorrow.

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