Out of the water

Here’s a bizarre sculpture we found out in the middle of the street in Sacramento, right outside the theater we visited a few weeks back. I’m still having nightmares about the little head growing out of the side of the big head. And won’t someone help that poor woman who’s about to drown? Picture taken with the exclusive RAZR-cam.

Came home sick this afternoon. I’m still feeling terrible – very upset stomach and possibly a fever. I came closer to barfing today than any time since my infamous food poisoning incident at Baikonur. I really need to be back at work tomorrow, so I’m hoping the stomach will cooperate. The flesh is willing, but the stomach is weak.

Interesting comments on yesterday’s controversy. Having thought about it a little more, I think I may agree with Loyal Reader Number Three. For five hundred bucks or so, I could probably be convinced to wear that monstrosity. Just not in public.

And of course I share Loyal Reader Number One’s concern about the fires threatening Big Sur. We may have to find another place to camp next Spring Break. On the other hand, they may be offering tremendous discounts.

And I don’t feel like writing anything else. So, we’ll go with today’s controversy: do you believe this? Interestingly, on the website where I found a link to this article, most of the comments were about people whose friends are faking their interest in religion. I think they missed the point. Among sincere believers, I suspect a lot have happy marriages. Lots more than unbelievers. What do you think?

Whew. That came pretty close to being serious. I’ll do better next time, Loyal Readers. See you tomorrow.

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