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Seated reader

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Here’s LRN12 sitting on the sofa a couple of months ago.  Thought my Loyal Readers might like to see how she’s grown in recent times.  I think she may have been singing or something.  Maybe trying to catch flies – who knows?  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam.

Two posts in a row!  That’s something of a record, at least recently.

Not that there’s anything to say.  Worked, ate, and commuted.  I slept in by an hour this morning – simply too tired to get up.  Worked an hour late as a result, so now it’ll be that much harder to get up on time tomorrow.  But I have to.  Have a few early meetings.  In fact, I think I’ll be in meetings nonstop from 9:00 until about noon.  And then a few in the afternoon too.  Ah, the glamorous life of a manager.

Great news!  LRN2 found out today that he’s received a half-tuition scholarship to BYU for the Winter semester and Spring & Summer terms.  Congratulations!  Of course, he hasn’t received his acceptance letter yet, but I think we can pretty much assume that’s going to happen at this point.  Either that, or this is their way of making people feel good without having to actually spend any money.  Just award a scholarship and then don’t let them in to spend it.  Brilliant!  I’ll have to use that little trick at the future University of Mike.

Anyway.  Worked on the iPhone app on the way home this evening.  I got a lot done – the timing calibration code is pretty much done and working perfectly, and I believe I’m using the calibration values properly in the Receive function now too.  I also started implementation of the background noise sensitivity calibration function.  Things are moving along swimmingly!

Helped LRN4 get her website set up yesterday.  She’s working on her first post right now.  We just have a default WordPress template in there so far.  I think she likes its general appearance, but we have a lot of customization to do.  It’s not time to start publicizing it yet, so I’ll refrain for now.  She’ll have to pick a couple of beta testers for it soon – any Loyal Volunteers?

And that’s about it for tonight.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: cider-loving kangaroo!

See you tomorrow.

Another baptism

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Here’s a picture LRN1 sent us this week.  He’s the on the right there, next to the guy with the white shirt, pants, and tie.  That guy’s the bishop.  The new member is the other guy in white, as my Loyal Readers might have guessed on their own.  Great Art courtesy of . . . umm . . . somebody in Guatemala with a camera.

Happy election night!  It looks like some good, some bad.  Won’t know local details for a while now.  But I think I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome, for the most part.

Working on LRN4’s new website tonight.  We bought a domain name and I’ve gotten WordPress installed.  Still have to wait for the URL to link to the website throughout the World Wide Tubes.  Might take until tomorrow morning.  Then we can get her set up with a theme and customize it.  These things take a day or two.

Otherwise a pretty normal day.  Got some work done, commuted, worked on my app just a tiny bit.  Watched an episode of Top Gear and a Get Smart on the way home in lieu of working on the app.  I’ll get back to it tomorrow.  I’ve been working hard on the church app and I just wanted a break.  Fortunately, I know how to do what I want to do to my app right now, so I can get it done on the train.

And that’s about it.  In honor election night, I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Political Employment Opportunity: felonious mayor!

See you tomorrow.

Halloween girl

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Here’s LRN12 in her Snow White costume posing outside with the pumpkins.  Great Art taken last night, using the exclusive iPhone-cam in very low light, as usual.  I’m becoming famous for the low-light iPhone look, no?  I wonder why nobody ever thought of that before.  Part of my famous Statue series (for the pumpkins, of course – not LRN12).

By the way, LRN2 designed and carved that one on the right, and I carved the one on the left, based on a design by LRN4.  True works of Great Art.

No posts for a few days.  As LRN4 mentioned, I’ve been busy programming.  Also lazy.

Things are fine, though.  We had a nice Halloween weekend.  LRN5 and LRN12 were here (LRN12 spent the week here!).  The ward party was fun on Saturday night, and trick-or-treating was fun last night.  We had our traditional excellent chili, also excellent cornbread (which kind of exploded inside the oven, but it was truly delicious anyway), and outstanding pumpkin pie.

Had our friends Art and Cathie over Saturday evening after the ward party.  What a bunch of fun!  We ate snacks and played a few games and general enjoyed each other’s company.  We need to do that more often.

And the holiday season has begun.  We’re now just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, after which we’ll be just a few weeks away from Christmas, after which we’ll be just a week away from New Year’s Eve/Day, after which will be just a couple of days away from LRN2 going away to college.  Wow.  I don’t know what we’ll do all by ourselves.  I’ll be truly sorry to see him leave.  But he’ll have a great time at school and we’ll be just fine while we find out what we’ll do without him here.  He still needs to be accepted to BYU before we’re really sure he’s going, but we hope and expect that to happen Real Soon Now.

I need to start working on my Christmas list.  It’ll be a long one this year.  I’m thinking of a Model T, an iPad, and maybe some new golf shoes.  Need to refine it a bit, still.

And that’s about it, as it’s time for bed.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: station master monkey!

See you tomorrow.