Birthday presents

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve showing off her birthday gifts. She’s looking not too anxious to see the flash.

No time to post. I’m actually using the Wonders of Blogger at a little past 2:00 on Saturday morning. I’ve been mucking around with the Mac and it’s late.

Mac mucking is going well, though. I have VMware installed, and it’s really cool. I have virtual copies of Windows 2000 and Ubuntu Linux running. They both run pretty much perfectly. The only problem I’ve seen is that the Palm emulator doesn’t beep right – I get a default Windows sound. That’s a little bit unfortunate, since I’m working on my Morse code program, but I’ll figure out a way to work around it. It may not be VMware’s fault anyway – Windows has been known to be a little funky too.

I also have everything installed and working on the Mac itself. Printers are installed and working, all the applications are functional, and I’ve even replaced several of the PowerPC versions of apps with Intel versions. On top of that, I have the Android development system installed on the Mac and it’s working great too.

One other thing I got accomplished this evening was to finally get Loyal Reader Number Four’s old email messages onto her Mac. When her old PC was about to die, I copied her Microsoft Outlook files – mail and contacts – onto Larry. I was able to get the contacts imported into Entourage by bringing them into Mail and exporting them from there into Entourage. The emails were a much tougher nut, though. Outlook saves everything into a single file, and they don’t offer any kind of migration path from there to Entourage (both products were made by Microsoft, by the way). I was finally able to import the Outlook file into Outlook Express on my virtual W2K machine. From there, I copied the files into a folder on which I ran a free converter some kind soul wrote to change them to MBOX files, which Entourage likes. I just had to change the file endings from .mbx to .mbox and then run an Applescript some other kind soul wrote that changes the .mbox text files to .mbox-style text files. That script was actually written for MBOX files exported from Thunderbird, but it worked here too. Then it was a simple matter to import the files directly into Entourage (transferring them from my virtual W2K machine to Larry to LRN4’s machine first, of course). Whew.

It rained and blew like crazy today. The pool was full nearly to overflowing, so we spent a few hours draining it out. The pond‘s full too, but I’m not planning to go out there to drain it until the lawn dries out a bit. The rain’s supposed to stay here for a few more days, but I think the high winds are over now.

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.

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