Opening a card

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve opening one of her many birthday cards a couple of months ago.  Having a good time.

The new Mac’s here!  Loyal Reader Number Two and I got it unboxed and plugged in late this afternoon, and I’m using it right now.  Sadly, I can’t yet get it set up exactly the way I want it.  I had previously set up the new 500 GB drive to be my boot disk with the old Mac.  When I tried to do the same with the new Mac, it told me I had to reformat that drive before it would work with an Intel-based machine.  Can do, but I need to get all the hundreds of gigabytes of data off of it first.  Sadly, it’s too much to copy it all to the same computer, so I’m in the middle of moving files all over the network.  Then I’ll reformat the big drive, install OS X on it, and move all my files back.  It will take a couple of days.  Sigh.
On the other hand, it won’t take forever, and I like the machine very much.  It looks identical to my old one, but it has a lot more guts.  And it can run Windows.  Simultaneously with OS X. Not that I really want to run Windows, but I have a couple of development platforms that only work there.
Decent day otherwise.  It rained most of the afternoon, and it’s supposed to really start raining hard and blowing later this evening.  They’re predicting gusts up to 65 MPH.  That’s a strong wind.  I just hope nothing blows through the windows.
Nothing much else to report, and I want to get back to the file transfer, so I’ll end.  See you tomorrow.

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