Pointing fingers

Here are Loyal Reader Number Three and a friend pointing out some glaring errors in the transcontinental railroad construction. I can see your problem right there! That guy in the background was a real stiff.

No time to blog tonight. We had a great home evening, topped off by a great chocolate cake with Cool Whip. Yum. The lesson was good, the activity was fun, and our calendars are fully coordinated for the rest of the month.

The weekend was fine too – it was stake conference weekend, so there were plenty of meetings to attend. Sadly, I’ve been feeling sick for several days, and I had a terrible day on Sunday, so I stayed home and slept all day. I’m feeling much better today, possibly because of all the rest.

The church has published a video correcting misconceptions about Latter-day Saints. For your enlightenment, I present it here in its entirety:

If the embedded version doesn’t show up in your browser, try clicking here.

The video was originally used to help news people covering the 2002 winter olympics understand the church better and know who and what to believe and what to ignore. It’s possible it at least partially served its purpose. Maybe not, though. News people aren’t typically exactly the brightest stars in the universe, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I’ve only seen the first part of the video, but it looks pretty good.

And I really need to get to bed. See you tomorrow.

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