Tokyo bridge

Here’s a bridge in the big English garden in downtown Tokyo. It was a very pretty place, even if a rose garden in Japan is a bit unusual.

Short shrift tonight. My Wednesday meeting has been changed to Tuesday this year, and it’s already late.

I had to give three layoff notices to subordinates today. It was not a good day. Hopefully, we’ll be able to place all three within the company. We didn’t want to lose any of these guys anyway. They’re victims of layoffs on other programs. Sigh.

Anyway. I’m loving the new computer. It is way faster than my old one (sorry, Loyal Reader Number Four!). The Missing Sync finally syncs my Palm correctly. I ripped a couple of DVDs the other day; they took about two hours to convert, versus about 15 with the old machine. Those two fast Intel cores are really as good as they say.

And I need to quit already. See you tomorrow.

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