Chainsaw violence

Here’s LRN2’s artist’s conception of a chainsaw-on-a-pole attack. Pretty gruesome. Detail from this weekend’s Eagle project worker sign.

Good weekend. The Eagle project got done. The trails ended up looking very nice, to boot. Everybody is mosquito-bitten and sore, and a couple of people got into the stinging nettles (Link note: Food violence? You decide!). Otherwise, all’s well.

Sunday was busy, as usual. Some things got done, others didn’t. Nice day, though.

LRN1’s Treo appears to have died. The keyboard won’t work anymore, so the phone is useless. I hated to see him suffering, so I magnanimously offered to give him my Treo. I then ordered an iPhone for myself. No need to thank me, Loyal Readers. It was the least I could do.

I got the newly-price-reduced 8GB 3G phone, which is the previous generation. I would have liked the brand-new one, but didn’t want to spend at least double the money. And I’ll actually be saving money, since, for inexplicable reasons, the iPhone’s data plan is discounted by 25%, while my current phone’s is not. I live to economize.

The MARV remains at a standstill. We can’t get the Arduino to talk to the accelerometer. We now believe it’s a voltage conversion issue. We now have a 3.3 volt Arduino coming that ought to get us back on track. I hope so, anyway. It’s gotten pretty frustrating.

There’s important toilet news today: they float! The toilets, that is. Let’s keep the conversation at a mature level here.

See you tomorrow.

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