Official geocache

Here’s a rare picture of me, holding a geocache we found at Anthony Chabot. Part of my famous Camping series.

Busy morning – we spent a little more than 6 hours working on the Eagle project. It’s going well. One more morning to go.

Spent most of the rest of the day either napping or working on the MARV accelerometer. We’ve been stymied at every turn, so it’s a little frustrating right now. LRN1 and I downloaded the software for an Arduino-based logic analyzer. Installed it (not very easy, since it doesn’t use the Arduino IDE) and . . . it doesn’t work. Makes absolutely no sense. LRN1 played around with it a little and then moved on to other things. I thought maybe the Mac version just wasn’t working right, so I installed it on a Windows virtual machine. Doesn’t work. Sigh. I need some new ideas for figuring out what’s going on with that blasted accelerometer.

Today’s food violence news: I’m not sure it qualifies as food, but it was certainly violent.

Time to finish. See you Monday.

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