Chopper mechanics

Here are Loyal Reader Number Four and one of her many colleagues working on an old Hiller helicopter. Part of both my famous Statue series and my famous Machinery series.

Merry Christmas! We had a great day. Lots of presents were given and received, new stuff was played with, video games were played, He-Man cartoons were watched (that show was so bad it was great), a new jigsaw puzzle was started (and will probably be finished tonight), and a general nice time was had by all. I’m sorry the day is over.

But it is, and I’m exhausted. We stayed up way late again last night, what with preparations for the holiday. We slept in quite late, but it still wasn’t quite enough. Need more sleep tonight.

Tomorrow morning is shooting time (at the range down the road, that is) for the boys and shopping time for the girls. Except that some of the girls might be coming for shooting time too. I’m hoping it’s not raining. The Weather Channel is calling for cool but mostly sunny weather. So there’s hope.

I played with my TomTom for quite a while today – it’s pretty cool. I never went out of the house other than the back yard, so I haven’t actually used it to navigate anywhere, but I’m looking forward to trying it out in the car tomorrow. It locks on to satellites really easily and knows where all the roads are. I updated it online, and discovered you can put your own splash screens, voices, map updates, and lots of other stuff on it. I especially like the ability to do custom voices. I just might try that.

Also love my new Seiko watch. It’s small and light, unlike the monstrosity I’ve been using lately.

Lots of other new stuff to talk about, but it’s too late. See you tomorrow.

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