Girl and uncle

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Twelve enjoying each other’s company. LRN12 may be having more fun than her uncle, though.

Happy 2008! It was another pleasant day. We got all the Christmas decorations down this evening and I got the two new motion-sensing switches installed in the hallway upstairs. Otherwise, very little productivity.

Our New Year’s Eve with friends was fun. We talked a lot, ate some goodies, played a couple of games, and set off a bunch of fireworks at midnight. Then we came home and went to bed. This morning, Loyal Reader Number Four got up and turned on the Rose Parade. We enjoyed it.

Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen are heading back to Arizona tomorrow. Sigh. We had a great visit with them and are sad to see them go. Happy trails, Loyal Readers!

And tomorrow is back-to-work day. Double sigh. I’m not ready to go back yet, but nobody asked. So I’m back to work.

Better get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

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