New phone

Here’s the new iPhone, being powered up for the first time. It was a special moment.

Lots of news today. Two things came: my brother-in-law Ken (I guess he’s technically not a thing) and my shiny new iPhone. Ken’s visit was very pleasant – we’ll be going to visit them in about a week, so there will be a repeat.

The iPhone is a thing of beauty, as clearly demonstrated above. I’m busily figuring out how to use it, which is taking a little time. I got a nice leather case for it – no clips this time. It’s staying in my pocket.

Tried to ride the train today. Got to the station, punched my ticket, waited on the platform. After a minute or two, the loudspeaker reported that the train had hit a car and they didn’t know how long it would be delayed. People, including me, started heading for their cars mere seconds later. I found out later than the train eventually arrived 89 minutes late. Good decision to drive. A quick web search discloses that it was exactly a year ago today that another ACE train hit somebody who wandered onto the tracks. Dangerous things, trains. You would think people would see and hear them well enough to avoid being hit by them.

Having the Miata at work allowed me to leave a little earlier than I might otherwise have done. That was important, since you have to call the AT&T people when your new phone arrives to get them to activate it for you, and then you have to connect it to your iTunes computer to complete activation. The only way for me to do both of those things was to come home early. Which I did.

Let’s see, is there any other news today? Umm . . . no. Nothing. So let’s check today’s Toilet News: Maybe they flush a little too well. Note to self: find another way to wash your dog. And don’t even think about LPN2. Snakes and toilets are too well-documented of a problem.

Anyway. Time to plan with the iPhone some more. See you tomorrow.

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