Portland lighthouse

Here’s one of the many lighthouses we saw on our recent East Coast cruise. This one was in Portland, Maine. Beautiful, no? And how about that weather? It couldn’t have been prettier! That’s another, slightly less commodious lighthouse there in the background. Great Art courtesy of the famous iPhone-cam and part of my famous Vacation series.

Speaking of Great Art, we had a bit of a sad thing happen recently, which is scheduled to lead to a very good thing tomorrow. LRN4 had a bit of trouble in the packing/loading phase of her return trip from Nevada last week, and my trusty old Olympus camera is no more. For which she’s very, very sorry.

Well, its probably premature to say the camera is no more. It probably still exists, either lost somewhere in LRN4’s sister’s house (unlikely – they looked pretty hard on our behalf) or it’s currently in the possession of some thief in the employ of Alamo Car Rental in Nevada (the most likely case, in my opinion). Such is the all-too-common way of minimum-wage labor, unfortunately.

Anyway, that’s the bad news. The good news is that the camera had to be replaced, and quickly. LRN4’s hugely-popular website demands it! In fact, it needed to be upgraded anyway. She has ordered [amazon asin=B004J3Y9U6&text=this lovely camera] to take its place and was fortunate enough to get [amazon asin=B007M54E08&text=this very nice SD card] to go along with it for free! The camera isn’t exactly free, but I think the price is very good and, according to the reviews, it appears to be a pretty good piece of equipment.

Want to buy a new camera of your very own? Click on my link! You get your camera and I get a tidy little kickback at absolutely no cost to you! In fact, click on any of my Amazon links and buy anything while you’re there and I get a tidy little kickback. Do it! Do it now! Feed my financial juggernaut!

Speaking of Amazon, I’ve been on a bit of a buying spree. My rented Ford Flex had a broken rear wiper and the fine folks down at the Firestone shop couldn’t figure out how to fix it. The one thing they were sure of was that they needed a whole lot of time on a weekday to fix it. I did a few moments of internet research, figured out what I needed, [amazon asin=B001KS0M5O&text=ordered it from Amazon], got it in a couple of days, and installed it within about three minutes without the use of tools. It was worth the ten bucks to not have to leave it at the shop all day.

Anyway. LRN’s been doing a bit of shopping herself. So far, she has bought a bunch of house paint (and applied a good amount of it to the interior of the house in Las Vegas), several [amazon asin=B0041HYB9E&text=temporary blinds], and a permanent [amazon asin=B004AKHOXW&text=curtain] for the sliding door. Not mention a few books and some other nice stuff.

Speaking of which, the house in Las Vegas is officially ours! LRN4 bought the place slightly ahead of schedule, picked up the keys exactly on schedule, painted a bunch of it (as previously mentioned), and returned home exactly on schedule. It was a lonely nine days for me, though. Now we need to move into the house! Don’t know when that will happen. They’re talking about keeping me here in Pennsylvania until sometime in January.

Otherwise, not much happening. Although buying a new house is kind of a lot, now that I think of it.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: cupcake rage!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I truly am very, very sorry about the camera. However, I’m excited to try the new one–the post from today will sport pictures taken with the new camera. Yea!

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