Salt factory

Here’s another abstract vision from the exclusive Treo-cam. It’s the salt factory near my office. Also near the train tracks. It’s abstract because of the appallingly low quality of the Treo-cam, which Loyal Reader Number One and I are trying to turn into a popular art form.

Here‘s a link to some higher-resolution photos of the same place taken from roughly the same location. Now honestly, which picture do you like better. Okay, not so honestly.

The weekend’s over. Sigh. And what did I accomplish? If we had asked that rhetorical question Friday evening, I might have been hard pressed to come up with anything besides Relaxation. Which isn’t an inconsiderable thing, mind you.

But Saturday was a different story, full of accomplishments. Let’s tally, shall we?

Cleaned the pond filter. Got the Honda and Sable washed. Got rich and famous. Built a working rocket launch pad. That’s about it.

About the rich and famous thing. Loyal Reader Number Four and I took my car for gas and a car wash. No problem. Then we took her car for gas and a car wash. We were greeted by the car wash owner, who informed us we were the lucky fifteen thousandth customer, for which we were rewarded with a month-long unlimited car wash pass and our picture in the paper. Fame and fortune. It’s nice at the top.

About the launch pad thing. It’s the water rocket (link advisory: this is a picture of my old friend Dan and one of his famous multi-bottle water rockets) launcher discussed Friday. We built it. It works. Sort of. Almost. Well, it gets up to 40 PSI, anyway, after which it can’t take the pressure and starts leaking. A little tweak or two and we’ll be up to the required 60 PSI level. Even in its crippled state, though, it’s really cool. Our couple of test launches of an unmodified bottle with a non-scientifically determined water level and substandard pressure flew up to fifty feet or so. I’ll take a picture and post it Real Soon Now.

They’re finally cracking down on crime in Ohio. Thank goodness.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Is it too late for England? My answer: Yes.

See you tomorrow.

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