Union Pacific

Here’s an abstract vision of rail travel’s past and present. Snapped a couple days ago with the famous Treo-cam as a freight train passed on the next track.

As discussed yesterday, I was home today. Did about two hours of telecons in the morning and a few minutes of time cards this afternoon, but that was it for work. So did I accomplish all those things I mentioned yesterday?

No. Of course not. Maybe tomorrow.

We did go to Home Depot and buy the bits and pieces we need for a water rocket launcher for Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four to use at the Science Olympiad. We’re going with a hybrid design, based on several plans we’ve seen online.

One of the events at the Olympiad is making a water rocket out of a one-liter bottle that will launch an egg. You get points for how long the rocket is in the air, with additions for returning the egg unbroken and for having some separating parts. We need to make our own launcher for the team to practice.

It occurred to me this afternoon that it’s been a long time since we jacuzzified. I’m thinking of going out there tonight to make up for it. LRN4 has been working hard on getting the Hanging Gardens of Lardville ready for winter, and it’s looking very nice back there.

It should be a perfect night for being out, too. It was about 90 degrees today, as predicted, and it’ll probably still be well over 70 by 9:00 or so. Perfect comfort.

They’ve finally found a use for Disco music, thirty years after the fact. Still, better late than never. After reading the article, I can’t get that tune out of my head, so I guess I’m ready to save a life.

– Later –

Just got out of the jacuzzi. Turns out it was the perfect night.

See you Monday.

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