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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Here’s Batgirl early in life. Or maybe that’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five.

Left the office at a few minutes after 3:00 this afternoon. There was plenty of time, so I decided to take the back roads, which I haven’t done in quite a while. Big mistake. There was a multi-car accident on one of those back roads and traffic was backed up quite a ways. It didn’t look like anybody got hurt, fortunately, but one car flew off the road into a vineyard. On top of that, there was the usual slowpoke blocking traffic all the way through the twisty bits.

At least the Miata was in top form. It ran perfectly all day – both warm and cold. I think the new catalyst really healed it. Great!

I don’t think I mentioned yesterday that the fishy thing is that the owner before me left a receipt for a new catalytic converter about six months before I got the car. It’s obvious that all they did was take the old one off and turn it around (poorly). I don’t know whether the shop defrauded the previous owner or whether they colluded to fraudently pass the emissions test. Either way, it’s a nasty business.

Chatted with Loyal Reader Number Three this evening. He’s had a bad cold for quite a while now, but he’s feeling well enough to travel to Las Vegas tomorrow. Good luck, LRN3! And Loyal Reader Number Fifteen too!

I got some good responses on the sun sneezing (link note: I resent the suggestion that it’s a “genetic disorder!” It’s more of a “feature.”) question, but I’m still looking for more inputs. We need to get some statistically significant figures. Loyal Readers?

I’m on the train tomorrow. See you then.

Calaveras campsite

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Here’s our campsite during our most recent trip. Pretty campground, that. And a nice roomy site too.

Anonymous noticed I didn’t post on Friday. I have a great excuse. I forgot. Sorry about that, Loyal Readers. And thanks for noticing, Anon!

Fine weekend. I got the Miata fixed on Saturday. It was way past time for an oil change, so I decided to have them look at the loud exhaust and the front end rattle while it was there. It turns out the rattle was caused by a brake missing its shim, which is simply an annoyance. When it’s time for new brakes, it’ll get a new shim. The exhaust problem was caused by a catalytic converter that was installed upside down and backwards, not to mention that it appears to have been welded in by children. I got a new converter and it’s now quieter (but not much – there’s still a very pleasant exhaust note) and much more powerful. I was going to take it to work today to see if its cold performance has improved (I expect it has), but they were predicting rain so I took the Honda – ABS, traction control, and more accident safety. I’ll probably drive the Miata tomorrow, when it’s going to be sunny all day.

Wednesday will definitely be a train day, though. As in Washington, my observations here tell me that the commute on the evening before a major holiday is pretty bad. Here in Lardville I have an option, so I’m going to take it.

I was thinking earlier about a comment my sister made a few weeks ago when I was in Michigan. She mentioned that somebody was puzzled when she talked about looking at a light to sneeze. She had no idea that trick didn’t work for everybody. Neither did I. Check this out. How many of my Loyal Readers are light-sneezers? Comment!

Besides the car repairs, Loyal Reader Number Four and I got a few other things done. We got a loveseat from some friends. It works in the family room and looks nice. We’ve been looking for a new couch for that room. I think the search will still go on, but we at least have a workable temporary solution.

Otherwise, pretty uneventful.

It’s Thanksgiving week! I’m looking forward to being home for a few days and having Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and (especially) Twelve over. Sadly, Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen can’t come. They’re going to Las Vegas.

Only two more workdays to go! See you tomorrow.

In the chair

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve sitting in the infant seat she wouldn’t have anything to do with when she was the right size for it. Now she loves it. Figures. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five.

Toughish workday today. Lots of conflict. And slower traffic. On the other hand, the potluck was very nice. People in my department bring good food to these things, although a surprisingly large amount of it came from restaurants.

I’ve been eliminating podcasts I no longer enjoy, and now I need to find a few new ones. I’ve downloaded a few episodes of The Get-It-Done Guy. I’ll let you know if they’re any good. Based on his website, my hopes aren’t too high. Maybe I better find some more old-time radio shows.

Time for bed already. See you tomorrow.

Camp dinner

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Here’s the beginning of a terrific meal at our most recent campout. This little fireplace has all the hallmarks of a CCC project. It was pretty cool. Except when it was pretty warm.

My brother-in-law Ken dropped by this evening. Apparently he had previously mentioned the visit to Loyal Reader Number Four, but his arrival was the first I had heard of it. We had a nice visit, as always. He travels a lot and always makes time to visit family and friends when he’s out, which I like.

Otherwise quiet day. Got up, got ready, went to work, worked, came home, visited with the BIL. I skipped my Wednesday evening meeting.

Tomorrow is my work potluckluncheon. I’m bringing pork barbeque on homemade Kaiser rolls. Ought to be great.

LRN4 and I have been invited to be on the panel for a parenting discussion at church at the end of the month. The choice was an obvious one – we’ve tried everything wrong already, so we must know what the right things are. Ought to be great.

See you tomorrow.

Tree hole

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One engaged in a strange primitive sequoia-related ritual. Really. There was a sign up near this downed big tree that said people have stuck their heads through this hole to pose for pictures for over a hundred years now. Way to keep up tradition, LRN1!

No post yesterday, and short shrift yet again today. My Loyal Readers aren’t getting their money‘s worth. Oh wait, yes they are.

Fine weekend. Sunday was full of meetings. Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two enjoyed their Youth Conference quite a bit and we enjoyed a visit from Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve on Saturday. They’re back again this evening – LRN5 was the guest lecturer at Loyal Reader Number Four’s book group.

And now, a message from our sponsor:

Speaking of sponsors, the blog’s Commerce section has now made two cents! I’ve doubled my income. Nothing can stop the Morrowlife juggernaut now.

I had a long conversation with Loyal Reader Number Three this evening. He’s at a major education/career decision point and wanted to talk about the numerous possibilities. I hope I helped somehow. Good luck, LRN3! Pray about it until it becomes clear.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.